Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NoCode Workflows are first class citizen (Part1)

Act I :
What a surprise when you discover that SharePoint Designer 2010 can duplicate a workflow like the Approval Workflow enabling you to create your own approval workflow, not starting from scratch, but just by customizing  an OOB workflow !
This means you are able to create a very complex Approval Workflow with just a few clicks !  Ouah!
End of Act I.

Act II :
SharePoint Designer 2010, like SharePoint Designer 2007,handles only declarative workflows (also called NoCode workflows).
So what ?
The OOB workflows that are available in MOSS 2007 have been moved from a .Net assembly  form  (MSIL format) to a NoCode form (XAML format) in SharePoint 2010.

This shift is quite impressive and the message that is pushed to Visual Studio Developers is the following : be careful - sooner or later - you MUST master the NoCode way of life otherwise ...

So, if you are, like me, on the Visual Studio side for SharePoint Customization, then you have to shift to the NoCode world in order to survive!
End of Act II.

Act III :
Take a journey to explore the NoCode world in SharePoint !
There is no End to this Act.

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